Bosch HDS182-02 18-volt Hammer Drill Review

Well, we don’t blame you if you have never heard the name of Bosch HDS182-02 18-volt drill before. This is a new one in the market and to be honest, once again, the brand is not a famous one either. Therefore, if someone comes and tells that he or she is not familiar with this Bosch cordless drill, there is nothing to blame at the end of the day.
Despite starting with these negative statements, we should tell you that the product is not actually bad. Yes, it is true that the brand is new, and the product is too! That is the one reason that why this Bosch cordless drill is yet to catch attention. You know how hard it is for lower family people like Bosch DD181-01 18 Volt to catch attention from parents, don’t you? The case is similar here too.
Bosch HDS182-02 18-Volt

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Whom is this product designed for?

• Home Usage
• Semi Professionals
• Part-Time Workers

Important Features of Bosch HDS182-02 18-volt

Getting a feature enriched so-called best cordless drill is not tough to find anymore in today’s world. You will see from this cordless drill review too that the product is full of features. The only thing that you need to worry about is whether those features are worth it or not. There is no best cordless drill in the world right now that does not bomb you with features. But you have to figure out whether you actually need most of those offered features or not. Let’s have a look!

Great Motor

Recently, all the drills are coming up with interesting motors, and one of the top notch features that are present in good products is the brushless design. The brushless design does not only makes the product more efficient but also makes it great to look at and to work on. The company actually guarantees that you will get twice of regular motor life with this motor and on top of it; you will not have to maintain the motor at all. It is an advanced machine that does not require maintenance. If you are like those people who hate it when their drills create problems, and they have to repair it, then this can be a good pick for you. At least you will not have to go through those repair issues!

Very Flexible

According to many, this is one of the most powerful machines that have ever been built for regular consumers of this space. The machine is brushless which a great flexibility that we already talked about is. Another good feature is the different speed settings. You can easily decide whether you need to go on a full force or a smaller one (from 0 to 500 rpm) will be enough for the task. Depending on your needs, you will be able to set the speed so that you can save the machine and the battery life.

Compact Design

This drill is very easy to hold in your hands. Though we always recommend that you hold drills with two hands, you can do it with one hand too if you go for this one. The head area is a bit short, and the access is long enough to be satisfied about. Overall, the design gives you comfort which is important if you are working for long hours.

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• Keeps charge for a long time
• Good power
• Easy for everyone to use
• Dependable


• A bit high priced
• Comes in only one color


• Is there any LED light on this machine?
Well, yes but those will not help you to work without light at night. There are three different LED lights in the button, strength area and power locations of the machine.
• Is it completely made of metal?
No! If it were completely made of metal, the weight would have been much higher. Parts of it are metal, but everything is made out of good plastic so you will never face a body-related issue.

Insider Tips

There is nothing much to tip about this product, to be honest. The Bosch HDS182-02 18 Volt just came into the market, and there is a lot to see before we move ahead and tell you a few tips. One general tip that applies for every drill is that you should always hold it with two hands while using. That will not only keep you safe but also keep the machine safe.


From this cordless drill review, we can easily understand that the product is not yet the best cordless drill out there, but it certainly has the potential to make it big. There are some people who like to try new products and remember, though the Bosch HDS182-02 18 Volt is a new model, the company is not and they have a ton of trusted products and history to go for.

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