Makita XPH012 18V LXT Cordless Hammer Drill

We have searched for the best drill kit on the market right now, and in this Makita xph012 18v lxt review, we will demonstrate why this amazing product is the best investment you can make. This Makita LXT Drill is fantastic for anyone who uses drills in their home projects, or in professional endeavors.

The Makita hammer drill mode included in the Makita XPH012 18v LXT’s design is particularly useful, and allows you to deal with a wide variety of tough materials. Overall, this is a highly durable and varied product that will be sure to impress a wide range of consumers. If you only settle for the best, this is the product for you.
Makita XPH012 18V LXT

Whom is This Product Designed for?:

● Woodworkers
● Handymen
● Home Project Enthusiasts
● Carpenters
● And Much More!

Important Features of Makita xph012 18V LXT:

With so many competitors to stand out from, drill kits need to have unique features to do well in the marketplace. The Makita XPH012 18v LXT achieves this, with its many useful features. It has patented Star Protection Computer Controls, a Rapid Optimum Charger, and a 3-year limited warranty to keep it functioning for years to come. Additionally, it has a lot of great functional features, such as its 2-speed variable design and built-in LED lights. Finally, its stylish and durable carrying case will keep your product secure between jobs.

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Feature Benefits:

Star Protection Computer Controls

Many drills experience issues due to overheating, and other functional problems. Thankfully, the Makita XPH012 18v LXT has patented Star Protection Computer Controls to keep your drill working at all times. The technology keeps the drill from overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.

Rapid Optimum Charger

Unlike other chargers, the Makita XPH012 18v LXT’s charger can communicate with a built-in chip that allows it to adjust itself for the port being used. This allows the charging process to control the current, voltage, temperature, and overall charge rate.

2-Speed Variable Design

Part of the appeal of the Makita XPH012 18v LXT is its innovative 2-speed variable design. It can reach speeds between 0-400 RPMS and 0-1,500 RPMs. This makes the model great for a wide range of functions. Those who need to drill, drive, and hammer drill will all be well served by the speed ranges of this fantastic drill kit product.

3-Year Limited Warranty

Any craftsmen will know that accidents happen. Due to this, having a quality warranty is extremely important when investing in any power tool. Not only can they give out at random times, but you could accidentally drop it from high up work areas. Thankfully, the Makita XPH012 18v LXT comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to keep your investment protected.

Built-In LED Lights

When you are working in low-light environments, the built-in LED lights of the Makita XPH012 18v LXT will come in handy. It has an afterglow illumination feature that helps you visualize your work area. The next time you are working on a deck, or in a crawlspace of your home, you will be happy you invested in a product with this useful feature.

Durable Carrying Case

With the many attachments that come with the Makita XPH012 18v LXT, you will need a safe place to keep them secure. Thankfully, the case it comes with is both durable, and made specifically to house these attachments. For those who work professionally with their product, this convenient setup should prove to be particularly attractive.

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● Every feature of the Makita XPH012 18v LXT is built to keep your drill functioning for many years, helping to secure your investment.
● The Makita XPH012 18v LXT has 4-pole motors, which unlock an impressive max torque of 480 lbs.


● It is a bit on the expensive side, although it does deliver more features than similarly priced competitors.
● Many useful attachments and drill bits you will need come sold separately from the standard Makita XPH012 18v LXT drill kit.


Q1. Who much does the Makita XPH012 18v LXT once you attach the battery?

A1. To keep operation comfortable, the Makita XPH012 18v LXT weighs an impressively light 4.0 lbs after you attach the battery.

Q2. Is every part of the Makita XPH012 18v LXT covered in the 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty?

A2. While many parts are covered under this warranty, some parts are, unfortunately, not included. For example, the battery comes with a separate 1-year warranty.

Insider Tips:

● Those who deal with masonry and concrete will be particularly well served by the two-speed feature of the Makita XPH012 18v LXT.
● You will get the most out of the Makita XPH012 18v LXT if you invest in its drill bit attachment kit as well.


An investment in the Makita XPH012 18v LXT will keep you from being stuck during a project due to a lack of features. This is one of the most varied and durable drill kits on the market in this price range. Even without the investment in its optional drill bit expansion, this drill kit will help you tackle many jobs without any issue. If you want to up your abilities during home or professional projects, we highly recommend you invest in this product.

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